The revival of African cuisine in Paris

Soré is the place to rediscover African cuisine, bringing together a canteen and a grocery store. We show African cuisine as good, as beautiful, as intense as other cuisines.

“Soré means “to cook” in Soninké, a West African language and ethnicity. It is also the anagram of dare (it was necessary!). »

Une épicerie fine et artisanale

Our products are all from Africa, or used on a daily basis, popular, organic or natural, in any case traced and transparent.

Fresh products, spices, savory and sweet groceries, cereals, sauces, oils, chili peppers, frozen foods, drinks, recipe books, tableware, this is the entire range of food products that amateurs need to cook at home. African. aussi chez Amina Magazine et Afrique Magazine 🤩